About Me

Sean Latino is an award-winning composer, music producer, and mixing and mastering engineer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Starting out as a small independent DJ and hip-hop producer, Sean cut his teeth in the industry by launching his own record label, Magician Records, in 2001. Developing this label gave Sean the opportunity to perfect and refine the skills he is known for, including recording, producing, and mixing and mastering.


At Magician Records, Sean managed a wide variety of commercial projects from conception to completion and collaborated with a range of highly-successful American hip-hop artists including Kool Keith, Tim Dog and Chino XL. Sean’s label is still in operation today.


In 2020, Sean started integrating his production skills into media composition where he quickly earned success and recognition. One of Sean’s first trailer tracks was featured in the trailer for the acclaimed Netflix show, Love, Death + Robots Volume 2. This trailer went on to earn a 2021 CLIO award. In 2023 Sean was a finalist in the Music + Sound Awards for his music in the trailer for Succession Season 4.


Sync music veterans Richard Schrieber and Vikram Gudi, took notice of Sean’s impeccable production and audio engineering skills. And, in mid-2021, Rich and Vik invited Sean to join their team as a Producer, Music Production Teacher, Content Creator and Mixing and Mastering engineer.


Today, Sean composes custom music for trailers, video games, and motion picture advertising and works for numerous publishing companies and labels as a mixing and mastering engineer.


Sean’s music style melds organic and electronic sound design with explosive percussion. His tracks feature driving synth leads, immense basslines, unique signature sounds, energy-driven rhythms, dirty pulses and awe-inspiring builds. All served up in beautifully crafted, forward-looking, full-length cues, designed to support everything from sci-fi and horror to superheroes and action blockbusters.


He is known for his incredible aptitude for writing ‘in-your-face’ powerful tracks, and delivering intense, energy-driven cues with massive percussion elements, and a distinctly modern edge.